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2016 Georgia Class Championships

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Who:   All USCF members. GA residents require GCA memberships.

Format: 5-SS  G/90 +30, Emory University, Cox Hall Ballroom, 569 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30322. (see parking info below – allow 15 min to park and walk).

Prizes & Sections: $4,000 based on 90 entries, 65% of paid registration fees Premier-Class E.


*All players must compete within their ratings class per the November ratings supplements – No Exceptions.*


Premier (2000 and above (USCF)): $500-300-200.

Class A (1800-1999): $300-200-100. 

Class B (1600-1799): $300-200-100. 

Class C (1400-1599): $300-200-100. 

Class D (1200-1399): $300-200-100.

Class E (1000-1199):  $300-200-100

U1000/Unrated: Trophies for 1st 2nd, 3rd place.


*Trophy to top Georgia resident each section.


As we are determining the Class Champion for this season, players must play within their class (Official Nov. published rating used). Depending on number of entries per section, sections may be combined at Chief TDs discretion.  Any player with a FIDE rating but no USCF will be placed accordingly (case by case basis).  


Entry fee:    $69 on-line by Nov. 16th. $75 on-site. Free entry to IM/GM/WIM/WGM. Entry for U1000/Unrated section $30 on-line by 11/16; $35 on-site.


Registration:   Online registration deadline Nov. 16 (Wed)  


Registration cap is 120.


On site registration: Nov 18 (Fri) 6-6:30pm for 3-day, Nov 19 (Sat) 9:00-9:30 am for 2-day.


We highly recommend registering online.  This helps us vet the file early and start Round 1 on time.  Full refund for cancellations if made in email by the start of on-site registration (6:00pm Friday for 3 day; 9:00am Saturday for 2 day).


Rounds:  3 day schedule: Fri-7pm, Sat-2:30pm, 7pm, Sun-10am, 3pm. 


2 day schedule: Sat-10am, 2:30pm, 7pm, Sun-10am, 3pm


Byes:   One ½ point bye available in rounds 1-4. Zero point bye available in round 5. Must declare 1/2 pt byes when entering and no changes permitted after commencement of Round 1. “Zero point” bye available any round. 


Information:    classchampionship@georgiachess.org


Parking: park at either Peavine Parking Deck (29 Eagle Row, Atlanta) or Fishburne Parking Deck (1672 N Decatur Road) and then walk to Cox Hall (building with the clock tower).  Free parking at these two lots all weekend.



Please note:  USCF membership required for all players. GCA membership required for GA residents.  Sets and boards supplied. Please bring clocks with incremental capability.


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Georgia Open 2016

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2016 Georgia Open – National Chess Day Event 

$4485, b/100 entries, 65% Guaranteed. 


Registration Cap: 120


6SS.  One Section with Overall and Class prizes. Winship Ballroom, DUC, Emory University, 605 Asbury Cir, Atlanta, GA 30322 (see parking info below: please allow 15 minutes to park and walk)


Prizes: $700-300-$250-150-135-100-100; 

Class A:$250-$150-75; Class B: $250-150-75; 

Class C: $250-150-75; Class D:$250-150-75; 

Under 1200: $250-150-75; Unrated:$200-100-75.  

*Only GA residents are qualified for the plaques for winning their section/class.


Rounds: 3 day: Friday – 7:00 p.m. Saturday –10:00 a.m., 2:30p.m., 7:00p.m. Sunday – 10:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m. 

2 day: Saturday: 10:00 a.m., 12:00p.m. then merges at 2:30 p.m. with 3-day. 


Time control: 3 day – G/90 d5; 2 day – first two rounds G/45 d5, then merges with 3 day at G/90 d5. 


Byes: One ½ point bye available in rounds 1-5. Zero point bye available in round 6.  2nd byes are also zero point byes. 

Entry Fee: $69 online registration for all Open players (deadline for on-line registration is Wed. Oct 5).  $75 on-site. GM/IM/WGM/WIM are free. Must have current USCF membership. Georgia Players must also have current GCA membership. To register click on the “register” button to the left of this column.


Deadlines: online registration closes midnight Wed, Oct 5. On-site registration is Friday 6-6:30pm; Saturday 9-9:30am.  


Tournament Hall: Emory University Winship BallRoom 



Parking: Park at either Peavine Parking Deck (29 Eagle Row, Atlanta) or Fishburne Parking Deck (1672 N Decatur Road) and then walk to the DUC.  Free parking at these two lots all weekend.



 October 8 Saturday:  Rated Beginners Open for Scholastic Players U1200


Location: Emory University, DUC E338


 Registration cap of 35 players. First, second third trophy prizes, based on tiebreaks.  Time control: G/45;d5 Four rounds, 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., then ASAP. Entry Fee:  $30 online. $35 On-site.  Site registration starts at: 9:30 a.m. up to ten minutes before tourney. (for on-line/web registration use this link).

Information:   gaopen@georgiachess.org 

Please note:  USCF membership required for all players. GCA membership required for GA residents.  Chess Sets supplied. Please bring a clock.

Note: photos may be taken of you or your child and published on our news site (esp winners with trophies).  Please contact us if you do not want your/your child’s photo published. 

Tournament Coordinator: Priya Srinivasan


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43rd Annual Lipkin/Pfefferkorn Open

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A Heritage Event!
US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points: 30

5-SS. Marriott Winston-Salem, 425 North Cherry St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. 1-(800)-320-0934. A luxurious hotel next to the Embassy Suites! $14,500 b/209; 50% Guaranteed. In 5 Sections: Championship: G/100, inc. 30. FIDE rated. Must be over 1999! $1400-700-500-400; under 2200- $1,000-600-400. Lower 4 sections: G/120 d5, All: 2-day option: G/90 d5. Under 2000: $1000-600-400, under 1900- $300. Under 1800: $1000-600-400, under 1700-$300. Under 1600: $1000-600-400, under 1500- $300. Under 1400: $1000-600-400, under 1250- $300, under 1100- $300. Entry Fee: $93 3-day, $92 2-day if received by September 28; $99 at site. GMs, IMs, WGMs Free, $70 deducted from any prize. Juniors $6 less. Unrateds must play in Under 2000 or Under 1800 and can win only 50% of any prize. Reentry: $60, not Championship. Byes: are available in any round, limit 2, must commit before 1st round.

3-day schedule: Registration: ends 7 p.m. Rounds: 7:30, 2-7:30, 10-3:30. 2-day schedule: Registration: ends 9:45 a.m. Rounds: 1st at 10:15 a.m., then merges with 3-day. Hotel: $99 must book by September 16th to be guaranteed a room and the rate. Mention L.P.O. Chess. 1-(800)-320-0934Info: Thad Rogers; 1-(478)-973-9389Enter: American Chess Promotions, 3055 General Lee Rd., Macon, GA 31204 or www.americanchesspromotions.com.


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Southern Chess Congress

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August 19-21 or 20-21                                                                            Georgia
                                    Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points: 120 (enhanced)
47th annual Southern Chess Congress. 5SS, 40/100, SD/30 d10 (2-day option, rds 1-2 G/60, d10). Sheraton Atlanta Downtown Hotel, 165 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta GA 30303.

In 7 sections:   Open Section: $2000-1000-500-300, clear winner or 1st on tiebreak $100 bonus, top U2300/Unr $800-400.  FIDE-rated.Under 2200 Section: $1400-700-400-200.  

Under 2000 Section: $1400-700-400-200. 

Under 1800 Section: $1400-700-400-200. 

Under 1600 Section: $1200-600-300-200.

Under 1400 Section: $800-500-300-200.

Under 1100 Section: $500-300-200-100, plaques to first 3, top Under 900, Under 700, Unrated.

Unrated may enter any section, with prize limits: U1100 $150, U1400 $300, U1600 $450, U1800 $600, or U2000 $750.

Mixed Doubles Bonus Prizes: best male/female combined 2-player “team” score: $800-400-200. Team average must be under 2200; teammates may play in different sections; teams must register (no extra fee) by 2 pm 8/20; prize limits do not apply to mixed doubles.

US Chess Junior Grand Prix points available.

Top 5 sections entry fee: $113 online at chessaction.com by 8/17, $120 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 8/15 (entry only, no questions), 3-day $118, 2-day $117 if check mailed by 8/10, $130 online until 2 hours before round 1 or at site.   

Under 1400 Section entry fees: all $30 less than top 5 sections entry fee.
der 1100 Section entry fees: all $60 less than top 5 sections entry fee.

No checks at site, credit cards OK. No mailed credit card entries.

Re-entry $60; not available in Open Section.  GMs free; $100 deducted from prize. 

Online entry fee $3 less to MCA members.

All: Special 1 year USCF dues with paper magazine if paid with entry.  Online at chessaction.com, Adult $35, Young Adult $22, Scholastic $15. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $25, Scholastic $17.  USCF membership required.    

Ratings:  August official USCF rating list used.  Unofficial uschess.org ratings are usually used if otherwise unrated.  Unofficial ratings are not used if you have an official rating.  

Foreign player rating info     Prizewinner tax info    CCA electronic devices policies

3-day schedule:
 Reg. ends Fri 6 pm, rds. Fri 7 pm, Sat 11 am & 5 pm, Sun 10 am & 3:15 pm.
2-day schedule: Reg. ends Sat. 10 am, rds. Sat. 11 am, 2 pm & 5 pm, Sun. 10 am & 3:15 pm.

Half point byes OK all, limit 2; Open must commit before rd 2, others before rd 3.

Hotel rates: $119-119-129, 404-659-6500, request chess rate, reserve by 8/5 or rate may increase.  Special parking rate $11/day.

Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633, or reserve car online through chesstour.com. 

Bring set, board, clock if possible- none supplied!

Entry: chessaction.com or Continental Chess, Box 8482, Pelham NY 10803. $15 service charge for refunds. Questions: chesstour.com, DirectorAtChess.US, 347-201-2269. Advance entries posted at chessaction.com (online entries posted instantly).  


Chess at Woodruff Park

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Chess players! Former and online chess players! Beginners!

Join us in Atlanta’s Woodruff Park on Tuesdays between 5 and 9 pm for chess games, Bughouse and Blitz.  Rekindle an old passion or fall for this ancient game for the first time as we gather to play chess.  Players of all skill level welcome.  Chess sets and some instruction or game analysis will be provided, please bring chess clock if you have one.  Join us throughout the summer for a few minutes or a few hours of friendly competition around the game of kings and queens.

No registration required.

The event occurs every Tuesday until Aug 16 (throughout the summer).

Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click for details!


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4-SS, G/45 d5. Interactive College of Technology, 5227 New Peachtree Road, Chamblee, Georgia 30341. 

Entry Fee: $28 by 6/09; $33 at site. 

GUARANTEED Prizes: $200-100, under 1900, under 1700, under 1500, under 1300, under 1100 each $100. 

Registration: 9:30-10:30 a.m. 

Rounds: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. 

Info: (478) 973-9389 or info@americanchesspromotions.com.

Enter: americanchesspromotions.com.


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AtlantaAreaChess.com presents June 11th Speed Chess Open

AAC (the same folks who bring you Kid Chess) is putting on a tournament!


Space is Limited. Please call (770) 575-5802 to RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Registration is FREE
No on-site registration. Tournament will begin at 10am and finish around 12:30pm
Unrated event open to all. 
Format: 5 minute clocks w/ 5 second increments
In two sections: Open & U1400/Unrated

Cash Prizes

OPEN 1st place-$75, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$25, 4th-$10
U1400/UNRATED 1st place-$25, 2nd place-$10, 3rd place-$5
Top Unrated Players 1st place-$15, 2nd place-$10
Registration Fee: FREE
*Event not recommmended for young children 14 and under, unless a serious tournament player.

Master Challenge No. 25

Info from Chess-Coach.net  |  Click here for details!

4-SS, G/30 d5, $625 guaranteed, open to players above 1799. Site: 4178 Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30035. Entry Fee: $40. Prizes: $225-$125-$75, U2200 $100, U2000 $100. Rounds: 10:15 a.m.12:30 p.m.1:45 p.m.2:45 p.m. One bye available, must be requested at entry. Registration: Online only, at http://www.chess-coach.net/MC25 Contact: Frank Johnson 404-492-9039frankjohnson@chess-coach.net

Info from Chess-Coach.net  |  Click here for details!