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Adult and Scholastic Chess at Gwinnett Place Mall

Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click for details!


Blue Light Scholastic


4-SS, G/30;d5 Above the Food Court


Under 800: USCF membership required, games will be rated. Must have a rating of 799 or below to enter.  Trophies to top three, top three u600, u400, u200 and all plus scores.

Unrated: No USCF membership required, the games will not be rated. Trophies to top three in each group of K-8, K-4, K-1 and all plus scores.


Byes: Half Point Byes available in rounds 1 and 2. Please request byes when you register. If you must leave and will miss a round, you must contact one of the room TDs. To leave without notification means a player has no one to play and you can be fined.

Advanced Registration: $25 received by midnight Thursday, February 9.

Onsite registration: $30. If you register Saturday onsite by 9:30am to play the first round.

Info: Parnell Watkins (770)-605-7679 or gwinnettchess@gmail.com


Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click for details!