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Phillip Taylor Georgia State Championship

Info from georgiachess.org | Click Here!

*registration will be up Feb/March. you will register at georgiachess.org, then be directed to American Chess Promotions for payment*

$10,000 Guarantee!   Grand Prix Pts 40

American Chess Promotions and the Georgia Chess Association through the generosity of Mr. Phillip Taylor will host the Georgia State Championship! 

April 29-May 1 or April 30 – May 1 

at Emory University

5-SS. Emory University, Cox Hall Ballroom, 569 Ashbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30322.

Prizes: $10,000 GUARANTEED. In five sections:

*Championship (FIDE rated, must be rated over 2000):

   $1000-500-300-150-125; u2100: $250-150-100.  

*Under 2000: $900-500-300-150-125; u1850: $250-150-100. 

*Under 1700: $900-500-300-150-125; u1550: $250-150-100. 

*Under 1400:  $900-500-300-150-125;u1200: $250-150-100. 

Trophies and Titles to top Georgia resident in above sections.

*Scholastic (2 day & online registration only): In 2 sections: U1100 Trophies to top 5,top unrated, top girl. U850Trophies to top 5,top unrated, top girl.

Entry Fee: $93 online by 4/27; $99 at site. Scholastic section: $30 online only.  GM’s and IM’s free: $80 deducted from prize.

Time Controls: Championship: G/90 w/30 sec. inc., 2-day: G/90; d5. Other sections: G/120 d5, 2-day: G/90, d5.

Reentry except Championship Section $40.

Byes available (limit 2), Rd 5 is zero pt bye, must commit before 1st round. Must play in own section. 

On-line registration: all sections – deadline 4/27.

On-site Registration: Friday 5:30-6:30p.m. sharp, Sat 9:00-10am sharp.  No on-site registration for Scholastic section.

Rounds: (3 & 2 day options for all sections but scholastic which is 2 day only)

3-day schedule: Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 2:15pm, 7pm, Sunday 10am, 3:30pm

2-day schedule: Round 1 at 10:30 a.m., then merges with 3-day. 

Required: Current USCF membership, Current GCA membership if Georgia resident.

GCA Annual Meeting 2:30 Sunday Cox Hall

Election: 2nd VP, Treasurer, 2nd Member-at-Large

Information: gastatechamp@georgiachess.org or

 (478)-9739389 (Thad, American Chess Promotions)

Info from georgiachess.org | Click Here!