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Phillip Taylor Georgia State Championship – Scholastic

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5-SS, G/90 + 30. Emory University, Cox Hall Ballroom, 569 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30322. (see parking info below – allow 15 min to park and walk).


Scholastic (2 day schedule and online registration only): In 2 sections: U1100, Trophies to Top 5, 1st Unrated, 1st Female. U850: Trophies to top 5, 1st Unrated, 1st Female.


Entry Fee: $30 online only.


2 Day Schedule: Rounds – Sat-10:30 am (Time Control: G/90 d/5), Rounds 2-5 (Time Control: G/90 + 30) 2:30 pm, 7:30 pm; Sun-10:00 am, 3:30 pm.


Byes:   One ½ point Bye available in rounds 1-4.  Must declare 1/2 pt. Byes when entering and no changes permitted after commencement of Round 1. 


On-line registration: Deadline April 26.


Required: Current USCF membership, Current GCA membership for Georgia residents.


All entrants should bring clocks (with Delay/Incremental capability).  None supplied.


Information: Priya Srinivasan, gastatechamp@georgiachess.org 


Parking: Park at either Peavine Parking Deck (29 Eagle Row, Atlanta) or Fishburne Parking Deck (1672 N Decatur Road) and then walk to Cox Hall (building with the clock tower).  Free parking at these two lots all weekend.

Registration closed-Expert Norm 1: Road to Expert Mastery

Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click for details!


Part of The Georgia Program series

*registration cap = 80*


Who: This tournament is designed to give A, B, C and D class players adequate competition to reach the Expert level of play.  Tournaments are planned to be held quarterly, and may be held more frequently as demand requires.


Where: LexisNexis, 1000 Alderman Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30005.  The main entrance will not be open to players.  Please enter at the entrance near the side, which should have a GCA tournament sign.


When: Saturday, 21st Jan 2017


Entry Fee: $25 Online thru 18th Jan, 2017.  Due to the venue, there will be NO On-site registration.  Proceeds will be used to maintain this series of tournaments.


Sections:  2 Sections.  One section, consisting of 3 Classes 1800-1999, 1600-1799, 1400-1599, with EXPERT house players and a second section consisting of class 1200-1399, with “B” house players Class will be determined by the December published rating.  If a player’s current unpublished rating would place that player within a higher section, the player will be allowed to play in that higher section on request. Requests must be before round 1 pairings. There will be Expert House players invited, who will receive a $50 honorarium for playing at this event.  There will be “B” House players invited to play in the 1200-1399 section who will receive a $25 honorarium for playing at this event.

Format: Rated: 4-SS, G/60 with 5 second delay


Rounds: 9:30 am, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 7:15 pm.  Expect rounds to begin promptly. ½ point bye available in any round. Limit 1. All request should be made before round 1.


Prizes: Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Class.  A special plaque and award ceremony will be held for those reaching USCF 2000 and over for the first time at a larger GCA event if the player has participated in this series at any time. A certificate will be awarded to players who reach the next highest class as a result of this tournament.


Food: LexisNexis will provide Lunch and Dinner for all players at no additional cost!


Information:  info@georgiachess.org(678) 453-6640.


Coordinators: Fun Fong (770) 316-8483, Dhiren Mishra (408-206-5798; email: dhiren_mishra@hotmail.com).  


Please note: USCF membership and GCA membership required for all rated players.  Sets and boards supplied. Please bring clocks.


*Special for LexisNexis Employees and Family*

Play in an unrated section. Game time: 3-SS, G/30 with 5 second delay. Rounds 10:30 am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.


*Special Event*

Life Master Sanjay Ghatti and Prateek Mishra will conduct simultaneous exhibitions at the event.




Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click for details!