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2016 Georgia Class Championships

Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click here for more info!


Who:   All USCF members. GA residents require GCA memberships.

Format: 5-SS  G/90 +30, Emory University, Cox Hall Ballroom, 569 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30322. (see parking info below – allow 15 min to park and walk).

Prizes & Sections: $4,000 based on 90 entries, 65% of paid registration fees Premier-Class E.


*All players must compete within their ratings class per the November ratings supplements – No Exceptions.*


Premier (2000 and above (USCF)): $500-300-200.

Class A (1800-1999): $300-200-100. 

Class B (1600-1799): $300-200-100. 

Class C (1400-1599): $300-200-100. 

Class D (1200-1399): $300-200-100.

Class E (1000-1199):  $300-200-100

U1000/Unrated: Trophies for 1st 2nd, 3rd place.


*Trophy to top Georgia resident each section.


As we are determining the Class Champion for this season, players must play within their class (Official Nov. published rating used). Depending on number of entries per section, sections may be combined at Chief TDs discretion.  Any player with a FIDE rating but no USCF will be placed accordingly (case by case basis).  


Entry fee:    $69 on-line by Nov. 16th. $75 on-site. Free entry to IM/GM/WIM/WGM. Entry for U1000/Unrated section $30 on-line by 11/16; $35 on-site.


Registration:   Online registration deadline Nov. 16 (Wed)  


Registration cap is 120.


On site registration: Nov 18 (Fri) 6-6:30pm for 3-day, Nov 19 (Sat) 9:00-9:30 am for 2-day.


We highly recommend registering online.  This helps us vet the file early and start Round 1 on time.  Full refund for cancellations if made in email by the start of on-site registration (6:00pm Friday for 3 day; 9:00am Saturday for 2 day).


Rounds:  3 day schedule: Fri-7pm, Sat-2:30pm, 7pm, Sun-10am, 3pm. 


2 day schedule: Sat-10am, 2:30pm, 7pm, Sun-10am, 3pm


Byes:   One ½ point bye available in rounds 1-4. Zero point bye available in round 5. Must declare 1/2 pt byes when entering and no changes permitted after commencement of Round 1. “Zero point” bye available any round. 


Information:    classchampionship@georgiachess.org


Parking: park at either Peavine Parking Deck (29 Eagle Row, Atlanta) or Fishburne Parking Deck (1672 N Decatur Road) and then walk to Cox Hall (building with the clock tower).  Free parking at these two lots all weekend.



Please note:  USCF membership required for all players. GCA membership required for GA residents.  Sets and boards supplied. Please bring clocks with incremental capability.


Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click here for more info!

Atlanta Class Championship

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US Chess Junior Grand Prix!



Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points: 10


5-SS, Interactive College of Technology, 5227 New Peachtree Rd., Chamblee, GA 30341. $5,000 b/95 in top 6 sections; $3,000 Guaranteed. In 7 sections: Master/Expert: $500-350-200; under 2200: 400-200-100. FIDE rated. Must be 1950 with no playing up! Class A (1800-1999):$400-200-100. Class B (1600-1799): $400-200-100. Class C (1400-1599): $400-200-100. Class D (1200-1399: $300-200-100. Class E (1000-1199): $300-150-100. Trophy section: (October 30th only!) Under 1000: Trophies to top 7 under 1000 and top 7 under 800. Entry Fees: $74 3-day, $73 2-day by October 27th; $79 at site. GMs, IMs & WGMs free, $60 deducted from prize. Under 1000: $35. Unrated: $40 Limited to 2nd place prize in each section. Unofficial uschess.orgratings used if otherwise unrated. Players may play up one section! 3-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri. 6:30 p.m. Rounds: Fri. 7 pm, Sat. 2:30 and 7, Sun. 10 and 3:15. 2-day schedule: Reg. ends Sat. 10 am. Rounds: 10:30 then merges with 3-day. Under 1000: Reg. ends on 10/28. None at site. Rounds: 11-12:30, then as soon as possible. Time Controls:Master/Expert: G/90, Inc. 30.; Class A and below: G/120 d5. 2-day option: G/90 d5. Under 1000: G/30 d5. All, Byes: Available all rounds (limit 2), must commit before 1st round. No cellphones in playing rooms. Info: info@americanchesspromotions.com or (478)-973-9389. Enter: www.americanchesspromotions.com


Info from americanchesspromotions.com  |  Click here for details!