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Phillip Taylor Georgia State Championship

Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click here for details…


$10,000 Guaranteed! Enhanced Grand Prix Pts!

April 28-30 or April 29-30 at Emory University


5-SS, G/90 + 30. Emory University, Cox Hall Ballroom, 569 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, Georgia 30322. (see parking info below – allow 15 min to park and walk).

Prizes: $10,000 GUARANTEED.

Four sections:

Championship (FIDE rated; Open to USCF rated 2000 and above):

$1000-500-300-150-125; U2100: $250-150-100.  

Under 2000: $900-500-300-150-125; U1850: $250-150-100. 

Under 1700: $900-500-300-150-125; U1550: $250-150-100. 

Under 1400: $900-500-300-150-125; U1200: $250-150-100. 

Trophies and Titles to top Georgia resident in above sections.

*All players must compete within their ratings section per the April ratings supplement – No Exceptions.*

“TD reserves the right to assign a rating based on a player having a rating in another rating system such as FIDE or a foreign rating.  In instances where the TD assigns a rating that is the rating that will be used for sectioning purposes and prize purposes.  Players must disclose if they have a rating in another system.  Failure to do so may result in being ineligible for prizes and/or expelled from the tournament.”

Entry Fee: $93 online by 4/26; $99 at site. Free entry to FIDE IGM/IM/WGM/WIM ($93 deducted from prize).  

Re-entry (Not permitted in Championship section): $40. 

3 Day Schedule: Rounds – Fri-7:00 pm; Sat-2:30 pm, 7:30 pm; Sun-10:00 am, 3:30 pm.


2 Day Schedule: Rounds – Sat-10:30 am (Time Control: G/90 d/5 – not FIDE-rated), then merges with 3 Day Schedule.

Byes:  One ½ point Bye available in rounds 1-4.  Must declare 1/2 pt. Byes when entering and no changes permitted after commencement of Round 1. 

On-line registration: all sections – deadline April 26.

On-site Registration: Friday 5:30-6:30p.m., Sat 9:00-10am.  

 Required: Current USCF membership, Current GCA membership for Georgia residents.

All entrants should bring clocks (with Delay/Incremental capability).  None supplied.

GCA Annual Meeting: 2:30p.m., Sunday Cox Hall

Election:  President, 1st VP, 1st Member-at-Large and Secretary

Information: Priya Srinivasan, gastatechamp@georgiachess.org 

Parking: Park at either Peavine Parking Deck (29 Eagle Row, Atlanta) or Fishburne Parking Deck (1672 N Decatur Road) and then walk to Cox Hall (building with the clock tower).  Free parking at these two lots all weekend.


Info from georgiachess.org  |  Click here for details…